We are a community group which has set out to remember and research the 73 men from Oadby named on our town war memorial.  Our project team is drawn from local people. We have excellent connections with our faith communities, the borough council and the Oadby Residents Forum.  Included in our group are local historians, faith leaders, elected community officials, and members who have worked in the Museum and Library sector.

The men who served all had direct links with Oadby; many of them worshipped in the local churches.  Their ages ranged from 18 to 43.  The majority lost their lives on the Western Front, one was killed in action at Gallipoli and some in Mesopotamia.  A small number of them met their deaths via a tragic accident.  We aim to honour them all.  Gone but never forgotten.

If you would like to receive further information about this project and the planned events – or if you have further information that you would like to contribute please contact us on info@oadbyremembers.org.uk.